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“You are one of the hardest working and most resourceful agents I've ever worked with. With your efforts, we quickly had our home under agreement after a long, drawn out failed attempt with another firm. I would use you every time and strongly recommend your services to anyone that truly wants a real estate professional.”

“Thank you for all you did for us.“

-- Julie and Craig, February 2016

Thanks Annie, we enjoyed working with you as well and were very pleased with the outcome.

 “I know at the time we mentioned to a few of our friends that we had used you and were very pleased.  We would for sure recommend them to you. “

 -- Matt R., October 2015

"Annie was pivotal in selling our home in 2012. We were also looking in the same town, and finding neighborhoods we liked and attempting to sell at the same time was difficult, to say the least. She was professional, confidential, courteous, and she definitely knew the market. We would absolutely recommend her!"

-- Ellen O., October 2015

“Thanks for everything. We have not been involved in a lot of real estate sales, but you two were an order of magnitude better than any other agents we have used. We will certainly recommend you to anyone else we learn wants to sell a property, and would be glad to serve as a reference for you anytime.”

Jim and Judy P., December 2013